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FERNET BRANCA        750


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Brand of amaro (bitter herbal liqueur) Bernardino Branca invented this in Milan, Italy, in 1845. Made from 27 herbs and other ingredients.

Distillers notes: Born in 1845 after a secret recipe never disclosed; up to today kept by the family and unchanged with time; it is; in fact; a case history in the trade. Always referred to as “the digestive”; it is the perfect drink to those who enjoy extending an evenings pleasures. The secret of its unique; unmistakable taste lies in the wise recipe: 27 herbs picked in 4 continents and aged in oak casks for over a year. Among these: - Aloes: a natural source of a great deal of important nutritional elements. Antioxydant Aloes has revitalizing properties; - Gentian root: it grows in the mountains. - Dried; it is a real natural “pick-me-up” with a characteristic bitterish taste; - Rhubarb: a tonic and depurative; - Gum Myrrh: anti-inflammatory; antiseptic and antibactrial properties; - Red Cinchona bark: a natural tonic and other exotic spices such as Colombus; Galanga and Zedoary.


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