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Clement Creole Shrubb is a magnificent blend of white and aged rums with macerated creole spices and sun-bleached bitter orange peels. >c The result is a rum based orange liqueur inspired from an ancient Clement family recipe; bursting with aromas and flavors reminiscent of Martinique. >c A staple of creole culture for centuries; it is a recipe now deeply rooted in Carribean cuisine and is the secret ingredient frequently used by celebrity chefs and creative mixologists around the world. Gold Medal: Beverage Tasting InstitutebRA supple silky entry leads to a glycerous and moderately sweet medium body of rock candy; honey; dried orange and grapefruit peels; and a dash of pepper. >c Finishes in a creamy sweet orange and peppery spice fade with a coppery tang. >c Vibrant; purely flavored; and well integrated. 92 Points; Exceptional- Gold Medal Stands out in a crowded field of orange-flavored spirits. >c A rhum agricole backbone keeps it from being just another orange spirit sweetener; as does its 40% ABV. -Cheers Magazine A vibrant and dynamic liqueur...delicious and luscious...to replace Grand Marnier. -Sante Magazine

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