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Genevieve™ is our attempt to re-create the earliest gins; which came to be known as “genever” (or “Geneva gin;” or “Hollands gin;” or “Schiedam-style gin”). We use a grain mash of wheat; barley; and rye malts; which is distilled in a copper pot still with the same botanicals as our modern “distilled dry gin;” Junípero Gin. Many early cocktail recipes that call for “gin” actually mean “genever gin;” which has a strong flavor profile because it is pot distilled from a grain mash. We encourage you to experiment and let us know about any recipes you think are a success. Of course; the most common way to consume genever has always been straight: either chilled; over ice; or—best of all —shaken with ice. A slight haze may form; which is normal for this all-natural product.

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