EAGLE RARE 10Y       750



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Paul Pacult; The Spirit Journal The bright honey/topaz color shows sparkling bronze core features impeccable purity; the early aromas include gentle grain; toasted honey-wheat bread; and tobacco leaf with aeration; the aroma quickly transforms into a pedal-to-the-metal Bourbon bouquet as evolved scents of ripe banana and charcoal tweak the olfactory sense in the middle stage whiffs -- fragrances of lanolin; almond butter; melon; and oil accent the toastiness beautifully -- its a somewhat restrained; or better; understated aroma but I sense lots of power lying just beneath the surface; my; my; my; what have we here -- in the mouth; this oily; toasty beauty seduces the taste buds at palate entry with dry flavors of cereal grain and mild oak resin -- the mid-palate tastes explode on the tongue in unabashedly sweet and oily flavors of black raisins; grape- fruit; charred oak; and candied almonds; the finish is long; corny sweet; moderately fiery; and lasciviously oily; easily one of the most tactile yet assertive and expressive Bourbons Ive tasted in the last two years; fasten your seat belts.

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