2014 Stolpman Vineyards, La Caudrilla, AVA Ballard Canyon, Santa Barbara County, CA

2014 Stolpman Vineyards, La Caudrilla, AVA Ballard Canyon, Santa Barbara County, CA


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Fantastic grillin and party wine - Not too mention that you can feel good and know that your money is going to hardworking people that nursed the vieyard and made the wine!

Read more about this cool project below:

For training purposes, Ruben Solorzano gave our vineyard crew a cuadra, or vineyard block, back in the mid ‘90s. The concept evolved into our profit sharing program, in which 10% of Stolpman’s total production is bottled as La Cuadrilla. We then give the profits of the Cuadrilla wine back to the crew. The education, ownership, and bonus allow Stolpman Vineyards to retain the hardest working, most dedicated and passionate men and women. The members of La Cuadrilla work for Stolpman Vineyards year-round – we don’t rely on temporary migrant labor for pruning and harvest.
The Cuadrilla blend changes every year and in 2011, we decided to start having fun with the label – the black and white photography now changes every year. For the 2014 edition, we dressed Tom Stolpman up in a Mariachi costume – a good party on the vineyard absolutely must have a Mariachi band.

The dark, ripe 2014 Cuadrilla, a blend of almost every block on the vineyard, sums up the rich, hedonistic growing season. Moderate warm weather produced delicious wines in balance with fresh profiles and fine tannins.

In 2014, the wine from the training Cuadra (Syrah) was blended with two other Syrah blocks. Sashi added a very ripe lot of Grenache (8%) for even more roundness. Lastly, we declassified two La Croce fermenting tanks into La Cuadrilla - resulting in 12% Sangiovese in the final blend and adding signature bright red fruit and firm backbone.

Dark, rich, perfumed and perfectly ripe. Full bodied, fine tannin, and hints of cherry pit and lavender.

2014 La Cuadrilla coats the mouth and drinks way above its pay grade – Surely one of the best bottlings to date. The fact that this wine supports our wonderful extended family aside, it’s truly delicious wine!

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