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Made by Gwydion Stone of the Wormwood Society (, this absinthe is not only the most authentic domestic version made since 1912, it is also the best. Stone made no attempts to modernize absinthe or hip it up for the new generation, but rather to produce an absinthe that would allow cocktail enthusiasts to accurately reproduce pre-Prohibition recipes. As founder of The Wormwood Society, an organization dedicated to education about absinthe, Stone has been in the forefront of grassroots absinthe education since 2004. The Marteau is colored only with natural herbs and contains no artificial flavorings or other additives. It is distilled from 100% grape spirits, just as the very best historic brands were. Made with Artemisia absinthium wormwood, aniseed, and fennel, the three principal ingredients of all superior, traditional absinthe. For once, the high price tag for an absinthe bottle matches the quality of the spirit within it. Do some research and you'll find that practically every top mixologist or cocktail expert is raving about the Marteau and dismissing everything else.

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