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Other whiskies claim to use the finest ingredients; but thats tough for us to believe when ours are the only ingredients that carry the purity and the freshness of the Colorado Rockies. Our western barley is grown in the Northern Rockies; and our water can be found in the crisp mountain streams. The barley goes through a roller mill <bhalf husk cracked; for the sake of detail>b. We have contracted with our neighbors - The Flying Dog Brewery; to craft a special four-barley fermented wash that gives the recipie its distinctively sweet flavor. We pipe the wash to distillery holding tanks with a filtering program special to Stranahans. From the holding tanks; the wash goes into a custom made combination pot/still; made by Vendome Copper Co. of Louisville; Kentucky. We distill it twice; of course; taking the best parts of the doubling run. And thats what fills our 52.8 gallon charred; American white oak whiskey barrels. We age our whiskey a minimum of two years before it reaches bottled perfection for your drinking pleasure.

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